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Ed Allen’s Campground & Cottages is a dealer for Silver-Top RV Awnings and Seasonal Rooms. Please call Brock Ward at 804-966-2582, or use the contact form below for more information on Silver-Top RV Awnings and Seasonal Rooms.

Silver-Top Products Available

Chesapeake Screen Room

Silver-Top’s Chesapeake Screen Room transforms the RV Two-Way Awning into a comfortable out-door room! Components slide easily into an existing channel, hidden behind the decorative valance trim. It’s an easy, do-it-yourself project! The enclosure panels are pre-assembled at our factory and designed specifically for the RV Two-Way Awning!!

Horizon Screen Room

An expansive view brings the outdoors indoors with our most versatile screen room, the Horizon. Large, one-piece modular sections allow maximum ventilation. Bottom kick-plates help protect your investment, and the fiberglass interior is scratch-proof for years of appeal. The Horizon is adjustable in height and available in either white or cream.

Acrylic storm panels are available. Other options include converting the room with the Horizon Plus windows.

Cameo Room

The Cameo Room offers three seasons of virtually maintenance-free living. It’s the most popular choice of our customers! Ideal for temperature zones and usage where maximum thermal performance is unnecessary. Over fifty years of quality manufacturing is evident in every Silver-top Cameo Room. This is the room that sets us apart.

If you are addressing the problems of efficient waterproofing, security and sensible design, the Cameo Room presents itself as an intelligent solution.

The exterior is high-quality, maintenance-free aluminum with a baked-on enamel finish, standard in white or cream. The interior walls are covered with optional metal or standard scratch-and dent-proof solid-color fiberglass, which stays warm to the touch and alleviates condensation.

All windows are marine glazed for a tight and long-lasting seal. Standard single-glazed windows are tempered safety glass. Spring loaded latches lock the sash panels automatically and securely when closed. The latch is adjustable for desired height and easy opening.

The Cameo Room comes standard with one 36″ door. Other options include: aluminum sliding doors in single or double glazed, tempered glass sidelights, and full screening.

Oxford Rooms

The Oxford Room combines an attractive vinyl interior with popular architectural awning-style windows which allow for effective air control. The fiberglass interior is available in white or cream. These all aluminum windows feature a secure locking system and are available single or double glazed.

A full fiberglass removable screen accompanies each window. The Oxford Room comes standard in white or cream. A standard 36″ door is included. Aluminum sliding doors are also available in single or double glazed.

Season View Room

Garden View Room

Kingston Room

RV Two-Way Awning

The Silver-top® RV Two-Way Awning was developed with the seasonal camper in mind. It fits fifth-wheel, park and travel trailers. Designed to replace roll-up fabric awnings, the RV Two-Way is the ultimate alternative. No more worrying that a sudden wind storm will rip or tear down your awning. There is no rotting fabric to replace or expensive rollers to repair.

The Silver-top RV Two-Way Awning is easy to install and is assembled without screws or caulking. No tools are needed unless anchoring poles to a wood deck or concrete. The RV Two-Way has its own hinge-rail system that slides into the standard awning rail.

Your RV Two-Way can be enclosed at anytime. Our Chesapeake Screen room transforms the RV Two-Way Awning into a comfortable outdoor room. Components slide easily into an existing channel, hidden behind the decorative valance trim. And just like the awning, the screen room is maintenance-free and portable. The room can easily be disassembled for off-season storage. Optional storm panels and vinyl windows are available for the Chesapeake Screen Room.

The RV Two-Way comes standard in white or cream, with a line of decorative valance colors to choose from. Optional skylights are available.

Snap Lock Awning

Very strong, 3″ thick insulated Snap-Lock roof system with Silver-top ever popular Cameo Patio-room on a Park Model in campground along Maine coast.

The Snap Lock Awning is an attractive, yet economical choice for consumers who require an insulated product. It will quickly transform your patio or deck into a comfortable, protected outdoor living space. At the time of installation, or in the future, the area under your Snap Lock Awning can be enclosed to create a screen room or a Silver-top three-season room.

The Snap Lock Awning comes standard in white, with your choice of Silver-top decorator trim colors. This awning includes vinyl gutter and vinyl downspouts. Options include: heavy extruded aluminum gutter with house-type downspouts and color inserts, fan beams, and decorative grill columns.

Bridge Braced Awning

The Bridge-Braced Awning is by far the strongest awning of its kind. While it has been in the marketplace for over fifty years, it continues to be one of the bestselling awnings in the industry. The combination of a sturdy understructure and curved design has made the Bridge-Braced Awning a modern classic.

At any time, a Bridge Braced Awning can be extended in length. Or, it can be converted into a new casual entertaining area with a Silver-top screen or three season patio enclosure. An optional ceiling kit is available to finish the interior.

Roof panels are either polar white or cream. Choose from a line of Silver-top trim colors and valance styles. Matching canopies are available to protect additional windows and doors, and create a finished look. Optional heavy-duty posts, decorative grill or fluted columns and aluminum or vinyl railings are also available.

Chateau Awning

Silver-Top’s Chateau, the peaked roof, is available in custom sizes. Innovative design, superior materials and precision craftsmanship make it an investment. The Chateau can be used to cover doors, windows, patios, and decks. Also, the Chateau can be enclosed at the time of installation or later on, to transform your deck or patio into a comfortable outdoor living space.

The Chateau comes standard in white or cream, with your choice of decorator color inserts for the gutter and side trim. Optional skylights are available.

Chesapeake Slide Out Cover

Designed to protect your camper slideout from leaks!

  • Helps prevent water damage to the interior of your camper.
  • It’s a do-it-yourself installation and can be easily accomplished.
  • Adapter rail slides into a standard ” J” rail above slide-out. Once installed, it never needs to be removed even if the slide-out cover is disassembled. The cover panel slides into it.
  • Panels are 1 Y2″ thick, factory-sealed and precision-built to assure proper fit.
  • Cover rests on the top of the slide-out edge via a foam gasket and secured with two or more latch-down hinges, depending upon length.
  • Designed to be folded-down and secured for off-season protection.
  • Can be quickly disassembled for off-season storage or a move to another site.
  • Available projections are 24″ – 30″ – 36″ – 42″ – 48″ – 54″.The Chesapeake Slide-Out Cover is available in one foot increments beginning with 8′.
  • Shorter lengths are available upon requests.
  • Gable fillers are available and needs job-site assembly.

RV Two-Way Slide Out Cover

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